Berlin’s Book BoXX

I took these pictures a couple month ago but forgot to write about it. In a time were everyone got a mobile phone and telephone booths are more and more useless, it’s a funny idea to transform a couple of those into something more useful, something completely different.

How about an open Library, where everyone can take books he likes but also give books he doesn’t need anymore so other people can read them. How about a BücherboXX (eng: BookboXX).

Two of these boXXes are currently located on different places in Berlin, one at the marcel-breuer-school in Weißensee and one at the Mierendorffplatz. A third one travels around the city and another two are currently in the works.

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Berlin Street Art – Das ECKSTÜCK

Das ECKSTÜCK (The Corner) was a famous Street Art Café in Berlin Kreuzberg with international dishes, parties, live music and of course, street art all over the place.

Street-Artists, like Noel, Gogoplata, Dave the Chimp, Lake, 1010, Eliot, Base 23, Tim Robot, Czarnobyl, Bimer, Pabo, Herr von Bias, M:M, Sam, Prost and Emess, have transformed an old shopping mall within 2 month into a streetart masterpiece, you may recognize some of these paintings from older articles.

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Berlin Street Art – Urban Jungle

This amazing Street Art can be found beside a playground near the Maybachufer in Berlin’s district Neukölln. The wall painting was designed by children from the neighborhood and painted by the artists H.A.v. Bias, Statz and Dixo, because a big gray wall wasn’t really suitable for a playground.

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Berlin Street Art – MTV Headquarters

Since April 2004, the MTV-Germany headquarters are located at Berlin’s Osthafen (East Port) (which lies along the Spree in Friedrichshain.), right beside Universal Music and Hugo Boss. The main building was put under a monument protection a couple of years ago, but MTV has found a way to “pimp up” the boring-looking terrain.

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