TURMKUNST 2010 – It’s Done, it’s done!

Remember the big red colossus from my first article? After almost two month and 2.000 Cans the whole Monument is now completely covered with paint and Europe’s most spectacular open air gallery is nearly completed.

The artwork will remain for at least one year so there should be enough time to pay it a visit.

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Asian Dragon Festival Berlin

And again I visited Berlin’s Gardens of the World because last weekend they celebrated the “Asian Dragon Festival”. It was quite interesting to see an original Chinese dragon carried by 15 helpers performing different figures. They also demonstrate a Chinese dragon kite, but only a small version of the normally 80meters long monsters.

The dragons are seen as wise, benevolent and bringers of good fortune. The heads are all individually hand painted, each one is unique with its own “character”.

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Cherry Blossom Festival Berlin 2010

I’m a big fan of the Japanese Sakura Trees and their Cherry Blossom Festival but sadly I don’t have the time to travel 12 hours just to watch them bloom.

So I visited the Japanese Garden of Berlin’s Gardens of the World and it seems that I wasn’t the only one who had that idea.

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