Danbo is here!

I bought a Danbo from amazon.co.jp, the Japanese version of Amazon. I wanted to test how long it would take to send a package from Japan to Berlin and I was pretty surprised after it arrived in less than 2 weeks, considering that I have to wait up to 5 days to get something from amazon.de.

Danbo is the anime figure Miura Hayasaka in a cardboard box suit from the Japanese manga series Yotsuba!. The plastic figure, from the Revoltech line by the company Kaiyodo, has movable joints, light up eyes and stands around 8cm tall.

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Classic Days 2010 – Part 02

After we’ve seen all those beautiful cars, how about some airplanes? Big ones, Small ones, not as many as cars but there were quite a bit and people had the chance to buy a sightseeing flight in a plane of their choice.

And of course, what are Classic Days without the opportunity to show what’s yours by driving your car with maximum speed on a closed airfield.

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Classic Days 2010 – Part 01

Schönhagen, an airport about 30km from the border of Berlin, place of event of this years Classic Days 2010 with over 100 classic autos from the past 60 years.

I have to admit, I’m not a car-lover and I have no idea which car is the best car of all time but, it was quite interesting so see all these different models on one place, especially the ones you only get to see in magazines these days.

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Kitty Car

If you are a true fan of something, you want to show it, even if it means to paint your car with stars… and cats.

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A relaxing boat trip

The Summer has finally arrived in Berlin with temperatures around 32°C and people enjoying the sun on a relaxing boat trip on Berlin’s famous river, the Spree.

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