Peter Pink’s Potato Flashmob

Flash mobs are pretty popular in Berlin and every time, they get stranger. Peter Pink, an artist living in Berlin, organized a potato-flash-mob in front of a Mc Donald’s branch in Berlin Neukölln.

People were asked to make their own Potatoes (download the images for pink glasses, arms, signs and building instructions) and to set them free on the sidewalk in front of Mc Donalds.

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The Lucky One German Premiere Berlin

The Sony Center – Potsdamer Platz was filled with screams from the excited audience today at the German Premiere of the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ The Lucky One after Zac Efron together with Taylor Schilling and Nicholas Sparks himself left their cars to walk the red carpet in Berlin.

The Movie, directed by Scott Hicks, is about Logan Thibault (Zac Efron), a U.S. Marine who returns to Colorado from his third tour of duty in Iraq, with the one thing he credits with keeping him alive—a photograph he found of a woman (Beth (Taylor Schilling)) he doesn’t even know. After his return from Iraq, lost after his near death experiences, he walks to Louisiana from Colorado to find this woman who he credits for saving him.

Nicholas Sparks is now a worldwide phenomenon, his 18 books reached more than $80-million in sales, seven of them were turned into Hollywood movies.

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Kolja Kugler and Sir Elton Junk

Sir Elton Junk performed a special show yesterday in front of the Mauerpark in Berlin. Now you might say “wait a minute, is this supposed to be Elton John? He doesn’t even look like him!”. Sure he does, if you take a closer look, you will see that they both have the same haircut!

The “robot” is a creation of Kolja Kugler, a native Berlin “Metal”-Artist. One of his most recognized works of this time is “The Lost Tribe of Mig”- project, an immense installation in the city center of a Mig 21 fighter plan flying out of a four-story building. Also a pretty famous, his “Afreakean Bass Player“, a life-sized robot driven by pneumatics which is capable of playing a bass guitar with a real band.

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Renaissance Festival 2012 – Into a different World

I last visited a Renaissance Festival in 2010 and after two years, I thought it would be time to, again, jump into a world of knights, magicians, minnesinger and jesters.

A renaissance festival organized by the German metal band Cocolorus-Diaboli and their stage show Cocolorus Budenzauber, with costumed entertainers, musical and theatrical acts, art, handicrafts and traditional festival food.

I spend quite some time on this festival, watched a magic show, a LARP performance and listened to medieval music, I even drank a horn of met, I can say I had lot of fun.

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Pillow Fight Day 2012 Berlin

Today was international pillow fights day and cities around the world celebrated this day with a massive pillow fight flashmobs on famous places and landmarks.

As you can see, in Berlin, the flashmob was held right in front of the Brandenburg Gate and about one thousand people of all ages fought a merciless war with their pillows, big and small, even though the weather was pretty cold and rainy.

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