Berlin Street Art – Das ECKSTÜCK

Das ECKSTÜCK (The Corner) was a famous Street Art Café in Berlin Kreuzberg with international dishes, parties, live music and of course, street art all over the place.

Street-Artists, like Noel, Gogoplata, Dave the Chimp, Lake, 1010, Eliot, Base 23, Tim Robot, Czarnobyl, Bimer, Pabo, Herr von Bias, M:M, Sam, Prost and Emess, have transformed an old shopping mall within 2 month into a streetart masterpiece, you may recognize some of these paintings from older articles.


  • Is the Eckstück closed???? We’ve been there at 2 marz 2012 and inside was something like a VietnameseorJapanese kitchen.
    Someone knows what happened with this beautiful place? Is it somewhere else now?

    Sofie & Pierre from Belgium

    • Hi there, sorry to hear that. I did some investigation but couldn’t find anything about why the Eckstück is now closed, also no information about if it will reopen at another location. It seems that it was closed sometime last year.

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