Berlin Street Art – Project M/7

Iranian Stencil Artists Icy And Sot created a new Mural, a Portrait of an unknown girl from Brooklyn to the people of Berlin, as part of the new Project, M/7 „Persons of interest” by Brooklyn Street Art and Urban Nation at Bülowstraße 7 in Berlin.

The 176 piece stencil had taken about 10 days for them to cut back in Brooklyn and the brothers methodically sprayed their missive to Berlin’s people over the course of 5 more days. This, their largest mural ever, was enormous and peaceful and an incredible act of discipline, determination, and dedication to teamwork.” –BSA

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  • Great and wonderful art. I like so much this art. Street art is related to seeing art created in common locations, normally not sanctioned artwork performed outside of the sorroundings of established art venues. Thank you for sharing !

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