Maybe not the best Snow Batman out there

But definitely newsworthy. Building a Snowman never gets old, especially when you create something different. The builder of this frosty fella was apparently a fan of a famous DC Superhero and even without his arms, he looks quite intimidating, standing in front of the Berlin Reichstag.

775 Years of Berlin Celebration

The City of Berlin celebrated its 775th Anniversary yesterday on Sunday, 28th and it was… not what I expected. Everything started with a fire installation by the world-renowned French fire poets Compagnie Carabosse in front of the Berlin City Hall and after that, the spectacle began…

Inspired by medieval visions of afterlife, the Titanick Theatre Collective had set up 13 individual situations and scenes, an adequate description of how the observer feels when they enter into this dream world, between the Neptun Fountain and the Television Tower.

It was weird but interesting and entertaining, it felt like they combined the Anniversary and Halloween into one single celebration, with success.

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Public Chillout Zone

Berlin’s daily life can be really exhausting, that’s why the citizen of Kreuzberg changed those really uncomfortable plastic seats on a local bus stop into something more comfortable. Because, what’s better than relaxing on a couch while waiting for the bus?

13.4.1981 by Olaf Metzel

Another abstract sculpture can be seen beside the Universal Music Headquarters in Berlin, a chaotic arrangement of crowd control barriers (which were highly charged symbolically in the turbulent inner-political atmosphere of the former West Berlin) with a shopping cart on the top.

The sculpture, named 13.4.1981, was designed by Olaf Metzel in 1987 as part of Berlin’s 750th anniversary celebration called “Sculpture Boulevard” and was first erected at the crossing Kurfürstendamm / Joachimstaler Platz, six years after a violent demonstration took place at precisely the same crossing.

The Christian Democrat mayor at the time, Eberhard Diepgen, declared the work to be “a pile of junk” and called for an immediate removal. Then, after 14 years, the sculpture was erected again, but this time beside the Universal Music Headquarters, with a wonderful look on the Spree.

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Peter Pink’s Potato Flashmob

Flash mobs are pretty popular in Berlin and every time, they get stranger. Peter Pink, an artist living in Berlin, organized a potato-flash-mob in front of a Mc Donald’s branch in Berlin Neukölln.

People were asked to make their own Potatoes (download the images for pink glasses, arms, signs and building instructions) and to set them free on the sidewalk in front of Mc Donalds.

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Kolja Kugler and Sir Elton Junk

Sir Elton Junk performed a special show yesterday in front of the Mauerpark in Berlin. Now you might say “wait a minute, is this supposed to be Elton John? He doesn’t even look like him!”. Sure he does, if you take a closer look, you will see that they both have the same haircut!

The “robot” is a creation of Kolja Kugler, a native Berlin “Metal”-Artist. One of his most recognized works of this time is “The Lost Tribe of Mig”- project, an immense installation in the city center of a Mig 21 fighter plan flying out of a four-story building. Also a pretty famous, his “Afreakean Bass Player“, a life-sized robot driven by pneumatics which is capable of playing a bass guitar with a real band.

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Pillow Fight Day 2012 Berlin

Today was international pillow fights day and cities around the world celebrated this day with a massive pillow fight flashmobs on famous places and landmarks.

As you can see, in Berlin, the flashmob was held right in front of the Brandenburg Gate and about one thousand people of all ages fought a merciless war with their pillows, big and small, even though the weather was pretty cold and rainy.

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Berlin’s Book BoXX

I took these pictures a couple month ago but forgot to write about it. In a time were everyone got a mobile phone and telephone booths are more and more useless, it’s a funny idea to transform a couple of those into something more useful, something completely different.

How about an open Library, where everyone can take books he likes but also give books he doesn’t need anymore so other people can read them. How about a BücherboXX (eng: BookboXX).

Two of these boXXes are currently located on different places in Berlin, one at the marcel-breuer-school in Weißensee and one at the Mierendorffplatz. A third one travels around the city and another two are currently in the works.

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The Swimming Ice Rink

It’s winter and ice skating is pretty common at this season, so I took my skates and went to the Jannowitzbrücke in Berlin-Mitte. One of the national broadcasters, the rbb, created there a wonderful ice rink… on a ship, swimming on the spree.

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