RAF Laarbruch – Abandoned Military Airbase

On my way through the western part of Germany, I discovered an abandoned British military airbase in Weeze, a village in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Part of it is now used as a civilian airport and you can see the old military buildings if you drive the road from the big “Welcome” sign to the airfield. The old British RAF Laarbruch military base, was well placed along the Netherlands border into which the Soldier could flee if something unexpected happened.

Even some old military weapons were placed as a reminder for the Cold War days, or they were just forgotten, who knows.

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On Tour: Nordrhein Westfalen and Back

As I mentioned before on twitter, during the last 4 days I was on a trip to visit some relatives in the Netherlands/Holland. I stayed in a Hotel in a small village called Grieth, 10 minutes away from the Border to Nijmegen/Holland.

The hotel was an old restored castle and the interior decoration in some rooms was decorated like in medieval times. Here are some pictures I took during these days.

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GamesCom 2009


Today, I visited the GamesCom in Cologne, Europe’s leading convention for PC and console games with nearly 400 exhibitors from all over the world. In the past, the GamesCom, former GamesConvention, was held in Leipzig. Because of its raising popularity since 2001, the exhibition halls at Leipzig were too small to handle the massive amount of visitors.

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