Narrentag 2010 – Part 02 – The Night

After the Narrenbaum was erected, the city was ready for the big Night Parade. Led by a couple of marching bands, thousands of different Narren (as I said yesterday, Narren are something like a jester or Joker) ran through the city. Jumping, laughing, whip lashing and tangerine throwing, it was a fascinating moment.

Every city has their own traditional costumes, first you will see the city of Rottweil with their Federhannes, Schantle and Gschell. If you can sing a well known carnival quote, you will be rewarded with a handful of candy.

* * *

The second city (hope you have umlauts enabled) is Überlingen with their Hänsele. A whip slashing and cap stealing Narr, their long noses are spayed with perfume and if you don’t watch out, they will brush your face with it.

* * *

The third city is Oberndorf, with their Hansel, Schantele and Narro. A basket full of tangerines and a rod full of pretzels and if you are a lucky one, they will throw one of these yummy things towards you.

* * *

The last city is Elzach with their Schuttig, a bunch of grimly, Soublodere swinging Narren. A Soublodere is a ballooned bladder of a pig on a stick, sounds yukky and yes it is.

Well, every one of these Schuttig has carried a torch and at the end they have sparked a big fire to celebrate the end of the first day.