Stormtrooper spotted at Brandenburg Gate

There is always something interesting going on in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Yesterday, I saw a Stormtrooper, standing around, watching the crowds. It’s not quite clear what he was up to, because as I asked him, he only gave me the answer “move along citizen, there’s nothing to see here”.

Maybe he is a fan of the famous Tokyo Dance Trooper, maybe the Imperial Invasion is near, who knows.

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The IAAF09 Fan Mile #2

Due to the Men Marathon Finals with a 10km loop through the heart of Berlin, a lot of people (100.000) have gathered to watch the event, some of them to cheer for their own friends, that’s right, people had a chance to register themselves for the marathon, to run together with all those athletes from around the world.

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GamesCom 2009


Today, I visited the GamesCom in Cologne, Europe’s leading convention for PC and console games with nearly 400 exhibitors from all over the world. In the past, the GamesCom, former GamesConvention, was held in Leipzig. Because of its raising popularity since 2001, the exhibition halls at Leipzig were too small to handle the massive amount of visitors.

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The IAAF09 Fan Mile

I said i would take some photos from the “big” IAAF09 Fan Mile in front of the Brandenburg Gate, but due to the 20km Walking Finals one hour ago, the mile wasn’t as big as i thought. Some food booths, a stage and the last remains of the Goal. Hopefully, i can take some better pictures next weekend.

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Heavy Metal – Giants Made Of Steel

Yesterday I discovered something really cool, have you ever wondered, whats happening with your old motorbike or auto? Well, here is your answer,

creatures made of steel, 400kg weighty and about 2 metres talls. It takes 2 month and one thousand parts from recycled motorbikes to create such a Statue.

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Michael Jackson, The Sand-Sculpture

As a tribute to Michael Jackson, a Berlin shopping mall created a 5 metre high sand sculpture of the King of Pop, the biggest indoor sand sculpture of the world.

Over 200 tons of sand were used to create this huge battleship of art. Battleship? Well yes, it really looks like a battleship, the King of Pop himself stands in the middle, surrounded by some of the most important events of his life.

The whole project was sponsored by a couple of german companies and the sculpture will be available to the public for at least one year.

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Urban Art meets Berlin

Artists from all across the world have come together to change an abandoned swimming bath into a house of art. All 3 floors of the famous City-Bath in Berlin’s district Wedding were painted and decorated.

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Christopher Street Day in Berlin 2009

Last weekend, the Christopher Street Day has taken place in Berlin. The CSD is an annual festival held in various cities across Europe, comparable to the Gay Pride or Pride Parade in America. Over five thousand people demonstrated against the discrimination of gay and lesbian fellow citizen. From the Streets of the Kurfürstendamm to the feet of the Siegessäule (Berlin Victory Column).

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