Lights of Respect Installation Berlin

Lichter des Respekts (eng. Lights of Respect) was a project, by the Giuseppe-Marcone-Foundation, to protest against violence and for a peaceful coexistence. The installations were designed by the artists Sofia Camargo and Thomas E. J. Klasen and painted by many citizens of Berlin.

The Giuseppe-Marcone-Foundation was founded in 2011, after the 23 years old Giuseppe Marcone was overrun by a car and died, while he was chased by two rowdies who wanted to beat him up.

About 200 differently painted lanterns were hung up in the trees throughout the Lietzenseepark in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district, during march 2014, to catch people’s attention and to encourage them to think, about what happened and how we can prevent something like that in the future.

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Le Museum de Paris Bar

Three pieces of the Berlin Wall were placed in front of the famous Paris Bar in Berlin’s district Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

The Paris Bar is a place where artists, writers, journalist and film stars typically congregate and where Iggy Pop once gave a Rolling Stone journalist a blitzed interview that ended with him rolling around on the sidewalk out front. The French bistro has been a local favorite since it cheered up the postwar years in dismal bombed-out Berlin.

The pieces, each 3,60 meters high and 1,20 meters wide, were designed by the owner himself, of course, the owner of the Paris Bar, not the Berlin Wall.

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Berlin’s Funkturm at Night

The Funkturm or Radio Tower is a transmitting tower in the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district in Berlin. The 150 m high Tower which was built between 1924 and 1926 is part of the Berlin trade fair ground and a protected monument.

At night, the Tower shines in a wonderful white or sometimes in orange, during the Festival of Lights, he was also covered with red bulbs.

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Festival of Lights 2009, Berlin in a different Light

The fifth Festival of Lights has ended, during the last two weeks, you were able to see Berlin in a different light.

Since 2005, every year in October, Berlin turns into a sparkling metropolis,

about 5000 LED-lamps, 750 LED-spotlights and 900 Fluorescent lamps, were used this time to illuminate 59 world-famous historical landmarks and spots in Berlin,

for the biggest festival in the history of the Festival of Lights.

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