Renaissance Festival 2012 – Into a different World

I last visited a Renaissance Festival in 2010 and after two years, I thought it would be time to, again, jump into a world of knights, magicians, minnesinger and jesters.

A renaissance festival organized by the German metal band Cocolorus-Diaboli and their stage show Cocolorus Budenzauber, with costumed entertainers, musical and theatrical acts, art, handicrafts and traditional festival food.

I spend quite some time on this festival, watched a magic show, a LARP performance and listened to medieval music, I even drank a horn of met, I can say I had lot of fun.

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Renaissance Festival 2010 – A Knight’s Tale

A Renaissance Festival is fun for the whole family and every year around Easter, the knights are back in town. With fire-eaters, blacksmiths, knights, jugglers and jesters everything you need to feel like you are back in Medieval Times.

All over the place you can smell the scent of freshly baked bread, cold beer and roasted sausages. A minnesinger is playing his lute and somewhere you can here the sounds of jousting knights.

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