Renaissance Festival 2010 – A Knight’s Tale

A Renaissance Festival is fun for the whole family and every year around Easter, the knights are back in town. With fire-eaters, blacksmiths, knights, jugglers and jesters everything you need to feel like you are back in Medieval Times.

All over the place you can smell the scent of freshly baked bread, cold beer and roasted sausages. A minnesinger is playing his lute and somewhere you can here the sounds of jousting knights.

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On Tour: Nordrhein Westfalen and Back

As I mentioned before on twitter, during the last 4 days I was on a trip to visit some relatives in the Netherlands/Holland. I stayed in a Hotel in a small village called Grieth, 10 minutes away from the Border to Nijmegen/Holland.

The hotel was an old restored castle and the interior decoration in some rooms was decorated like in medieval times. Here are some pictures I took during these days.

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