Kunsthaus Tacheles Berlin

The legendary tourist attraction Art House Tacheles was closed last month after serving as a home for many artists from around the world for more than 20 years and I went there to take a couple of pictures before the whole thing will be demolished in the near future.

The Kunsthaus Tacheles was an art center and nightclub that was opened in East Berlin after the Berlin Wall came down in the spring of 1990. Tacheles is a large (9000 square meter) building on Oranienburger Straße in the district known as Mitte. The exterior of the building was damaged from shelling in World War II, and much of the damage was never repaired. Huge, colorful graffiti-style murals are painted on the exterior walls, and modern art sculptures are featured inside.

The Kunsthaus was formerly a department store in the Jewish quarter (Scheunenviertel) of Berlin, next to the synagogue, it was originally called Friedrichsstadtpassagen. After serving as a Nazi prison, the building was taken over by artists, who called it “Tacheles”, Yiddish for “straight talking.”

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Berlin Street Art – Phantomias

I’m starting the new month with a new Street Art. Phantomias, Avenger Duck or Super-Duck but best known as Donald Duck. Standing in a cool position leaning himself against a wall.

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Berlin Street Art – The Flash

Graffiti is a part of Berlin. During my time in this city, I see many interesting and well painted artworks. Today we have DC Comic’s Flash painted on a wall near Berlin’s Ostbahnhof right beside the East Side Gallery.

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