The Castle of Berlin and the Humboldt Box

The Stadtschloss, in English the Berlin City Palace, was a royal palace in the centre of Berlin. It was the principal residence of the Hohenzollern Kings of Prussia from 1701 to 1918 (the German Emperors from 1871 to 1918) and a museum following the fall of the German Empire in 1918.

Damaged by Allied bombing in World War II, although possible to repair at great expense, the palace was demolished in 1950 by the GDR authorities, despite West German protests. Following the reunification of Germany, it was decided to rebuild the Stadtschloss.

The new Castle will be named Humboldt Forum and will be rebuilt as a replica of the former Baroque building. In the meantime a big blue box, called HumboldtBox, will cover the empty space right beside the Berlin Cathedral. If you want to know more about the whole project, just visit the exhibition on the first floor, or if you just want to relax, the restaurant on the fifth floor provides you a 360° panoramic view over Berlin.


  • I am thrilled that the Berlin City Palace will be reinterim am disappointed though that virtually none of the interior will be.Zi think at a minimum the Throne Room,chapel,some of the drawings rooms and imperial bedrooms should be rebuilt.I would like to see a Prussian changing of the guard daily at the rebuilt palace.That would be a huge draw for tourists and a source of pride for Prussians who lost nearly everything in WWII.I hope sentiment in Germany turns toward a revival of Prussia as a German lander.I also can’t wait for the Potsdam City Palace to be rebuilt and the Potsdam Garrison Church.Who shares my views!

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